Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

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Just like any other supplement or drug, garcinia cambogia has side effects on your body. Most side effects are mild. It is always necessary for you to check out the side effects before you proceed and buy the supplement.

There are many low quality supplements, even if it’s garcinia cambogia with dr oz recommended standards you can expect some mild side effects. Keep that in mind.


Some people report of feeling dizzy upon taking the supplement. It interacts with different people differently. It is always necessary for you to discuss with your doctor so that you will know whether it is the right supplement for you to apply in your weight loss journey. The dizziness can affect you from performing your daily duties. If you operate machines or drive a car, you can imagine what dizziness can do to you. It will lead you to lose concentration which is necessary for your daily work.

Dry mouth

The side effect is common in Garcinia cambogia users. You will develop dry mount which can lead to cracking of the skin around the mouth. If you discover the effects on your mouth, then it is time for you to contact your physician and find out whether it is proper for you to continue using the supplement. The dry mouth can be brought about due to the interaction of the supplement in your body.

Upset stomach

You may experience stomach upset upon using garcinia cambogia diet pills. The upset can make you uneasy. It can last for few hours or even extend for some days. It is advisable for you always to seek medical help if you start developing the stomach upsets. You may assume, and it leads to more health complications. The supplement should be used for some days before you can see improvements in your weight. If you experience stomach upsets each time you take the supplement, then it will affect your life. Proper diagnosis is necessary for you to know the real cause of the stomach upsets so that you can access the necessary medical help.


If you end up experiencing diarrhea each time you use the supplement, then there is something wrong. You should look for ways of getting rid of the health complications. There are several other supplements which you can apply apart from this one and lose weight. If the reaction of the supplement in your body leads to severe diarrhea, it is necessary for you to explore other options. Always work with your doctor who will be in a better position of knowing whether diarrhea has been brought about due to the introduction of Garcinia cambogia in your diet. There are several factors which can lead to the health complications upon application of the supplement, always work with a professional to diagnose the problem.