Can You Take Garcinia Cambogia if you Have High Blood Pressure?

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This talked about supplement is now considered the holy grail of weight loss following lots of press that tout it as the most effective weight loss supplement alongside pictures that show dramatic transformations of obese people to lithe models. There is little, if any, doubt in the minds of people on the effectiveness of this wonder supplement. Dr Oz claimed garcinia cambogia as a miracle pill. However, some folks are wary of the effects of the supplement on terminal conditions such as high blood pressure. Does a regular use of the supplement exacerbate high blood pressure?

Despite the hype and craze, it is a fruit. Fruits are harmless. In fact, fruits are healthy, and their consumption is encouraged. According to physicians, if there is no strange stimulant in the supplement that can harm people suffering from high blood pressure, then there isn’t any risk at all in adding the supplement to your diet. The extract or its extract cannot worsen your blood pressure. In fact, some doctors believe that high blood pressure patients stand to benefit from a regular consumption of the fruit or its extract.

To illustrate that the supplement is more beneficial than harmful to people with high blood pressure, it is important to understand how it works.

The fruit packs a compound known as hydroxy citric acid (HCA) which blocks the production of fat and suppresses appetite. Both the suppression of appetite and blockage of the conversion of fat help to reduce a person’s weight in diverse ways.

First off, the hydroxycitric acid boosts the production of serotonin hormone. Low levels of serotonin hormone in the body lead to anxiety, depression, and emotional eating. By increasing the levels of serotonin, the HCA reduces anxiety, depression, and, thus, cancels emotional eating which often is the cause for rapid weight gain.

The other way HCA helps to trim obese people into shape is through inhibiting the body’s ability to convert carbohydrates into fat. Therefore, with Garcinia Cambogia, you are not obligated to change your diet to lose weight- your diet may remain the same, but the body won’t convert the energy it gets into fat as frequently.

When these actions work in synergy, they make for a perfect weight loss system. While it does this, it doesn’t negatively impact your blood pressure. In fact, according to a study, it may have a positive impact on blood pressure over time if combined with an appropriate low-salt diet plan.

That notwithstanding, it is always important to know that it is very important to stick to the prescribed doses when taking any supplement, including Garcinia cambogia. It is also noteworthy that HCA, the active ingredient in the extract, though present in other citrus fruits, is more prevalent in it.

Take Precautions

Some physicians allege that HCA causes the same side effects as supplements that pack ephedra and caffeine- the said side effects include high blood pressure and increase in the rate of heart palpitations. However, the research done on the supplement doesn’t show that the supplement causes high blood pressure at all. Therefore, based on what is known about diet supplement, there is no fear of introducing the supplement to a diet of an individual who suffers from high blood pressure provided precautions are taken in advance.


Maybe the only cause for worry is the interaction of supplements with the medication high blood pressure patients take. Increasingly, there is a lot of wariness and concern that the medications taken to ameliorate high blood pressure may not bode well with the weight loss supplement.

There is rife suspicion that when taken together, it has the potential to weaken the high blood pressure medication’s strength. In and by itself, it does not negatively interact with HBP’s prescription. What happens is that when individuals take the supplement and high blood pressure drugs together for long, they become lax over time and don’t strictly stick to the prescriptions- for example, they might take too much of the supplement or too little blood pressure drugs- a situation which could set off an unsafe spike in blood pressure, thus, causing complications.

Talk to a Physician

It is always wise to be on the safe side. Therefore, before you embark on any regimen, make sure to talk to your physician about the possible side effects. And, when purchasing your garcinia supplement, check the label and the research company to be sure you are getting a high-quality and safe product.